• Christopher W.

    Can anyone help me find an email archive dataset that includes attachments? All of the datasets that I’ve been able to find have the attachments stripped.

    Christopher W.

  • John Wang

    Hi Christopher,

    The FERC Enron Email Dataset comes with attachments. You can find information on this dataset here.

    This data isn’t that useful for many people because it comes in iCONECT / Concordance database format rather than as native format files. The original goal of is actually to convert this dataset into native format files with attachments. I decided to offer the current dataset without attachments because I felt it would already provide some additional value over what is currently available.

    Since starting my work on the Enron email, I’ve become aware of a few organizations that have converted this information to PST and NSF format with attachments. I’m currently working with them to make this data more widely available through the EDRM Data Set project. If you’re interested in this data, please consider joining and supporting EDRM.